It is a privilege being at the World Press Freedom Day Celebration and I couldn’t hold my joy but to express it through taking selfie in front of the event’s banner”

This was the atmosphere earlier this morning at Kempinski hotel, Accra, where lots of people troop in to take photographs whiles others were using their own phones to take selfies ahead of the World Press Freedom Day Celebration.

Mounted in front of the Adlon Ballroom conference hall are different banners of the World Press Day and images of journalists who lost their lives in the discharge of their duties.

Atmosphere is charged, participants are anticipating, mood is positive….

Participants in this year’s ceremony when interviewed on why they prefer taking selfies in front of the banner amidst the many beautiful sites around, shared these views.

Alfreda Asiamah said she sees today as a great opportunity and she being a journalist is motivated by the images around and feel proud to take a selfie in front of them.

“I will take lots of selfie here today because am excited that the world has recognized we the journalist and allocated a special day for us. I can’t wait to share them on social media” Karama Abdul Malik added.

Today is the World Press Freedom Day and its happening live in Accra at Kempinski hotel. The theme of this year’s celebration is ‘keeping power in check: media, justice and the rule of law.