Getachew Engida, the General Director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO), opened this year’s 25th celebration of the World Press Freedom day with the theme “Keeping power in check, Media, Justice and the Rule of Law” which was held in Accra. He urged the media to go by their duties freely without the interference of external forces.

According to Engida, this year’s celebration was not to diagnose problems and threats but to have fruitful discussions, propose solutions and learn from one another.

Moreover, this celebration brought together investigative journalists, representatives of media development organizations, editors, media partners and student journalists who worked in the youth newsroom.

“Every time a journalist is killed, UNESCO calls for justice, and crimes against journalist should not go unpunished”, Engida stressed.

The celebration became more interesting when the minister for information Dr. Mustapha Hamid proudly said that Ghana stands tall as an example of a healthy and vigorous democracy, one which has challenged the known stories of fighting poverty and has made a huge strides investing in education, health care and social interventions. Hence, these strides are not just by the effort of the political class.

“Indeed two instruments that have given us the space and  opportunity to contribute to the current status of the Ghanaian story has been the right to free expression and press freedom”, he said.

However, Nnena Nwakanu, a member of the World Wide Web foundation also noted that

“Journalists want independence, diversity, safety, gender balance and social justice. We want freedom, freedom of knowledge, freedom of information and independence of political, religious, economic and social influence” she reiterated.

“It is very important to celebrate this day for many reasons one of which is to stay updated with the continuous transformation of our journalist and for them to work freely without fear”, a participant of the celebration noted.



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