Story By:Jennifer Amoah

A press conference has been held in honour of freeing Dawit Isaak, an Eritrean journalist, playwright and writer who has been held in prison for 17 years without trial.

The press conference which was held at the 27th World Press Freedom Day, was an opportunity to create more awareness about the unfair detention of Isaak Daawit and 10 other journalists.

A book titled Dawit Isaak, HOPE & other texts, which contains articles written by Isaak himself before being captured and isolated was released at the press conference. This book is meant to draw attention to his works and throw massive lights unto the injustice meted out to him.

Display of Dawit Isaak’s book

As a journalist, the only seeming crime Daawit committed was writing articles on social injustice and economic growth. Going to the communuties to ask about the issues they faced on an everyday Bringing and bringing these issues to the knowledge of the administration through the nbiggest newspaper he wrote from was what landed him in prison.

Since 2001, the Eritrean government which is a dictatorial one has placed a chain of fear in the hearts of citizens and most especially journalists.

For a total of 17 whole years, Daawit Isaak has been denied access to all forms of humanity. Detained in a place unknown and without being allowed visitation by family, friends or human rights activists, it is even unclear about his safety and whether he is alive or not.

With the rejection of all recommendations made by the UN such as the granting of permission to of people who wish to freely enter the country of Eritrea, bringing an end to all forms of difficulties encountered by Commisioners who live in Eritrea, one cannot tell how long Eritrea seeks to remain isolated and cut off from other nations.

Free Isaak Daawit is a campaign meant to create more pressure on the Eritrean governnment to do the right thing of setting free all unlawfully detained journalists. After the demand of the Eritrean government to prove that Isaak is a Swedish, an only way that Sweden can interfere in his case,  and presentation of all necessary documents to the Eritrean High Court and a submission made to the African commission for a total of 6 years, the fight still continues.

Out of the 11 journalists detained, 7 have been confirmed dead. The struggle still remains as to whether Daawit Isaak is still alive. However, the fight still continues with winning the trophy of press freedom.

At the World Press Freedom Day in Ghana, journalists are extremely concerned about the release of Daawit Isaak and the Talking Drum will continue to talk and do so all the loudest.  #WORLDPRESSFREEDOMDAY#PRESSFREEDOM#YOUTHNEWSROOM#THETALKINGDRUM


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